Yoga for Bendy People with Kat Yates
Sunday 6/27/2021 From: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Many people come to yoga in order to stretch their bodies, gain flexibility, and lengthen their connective tissues. But what about the practitioners who are already naturally flexible and/or “hypermobile”? The super bendy “yoga rockstars” we tend to idealize are frequently people born with loose joints and fascia that are prone to overstretching and going beyond their body’s natural boundaries. 

Studies show that around 10% of the population are hypermobile. For hypermobile people, an emphasis on ever-increasing flexibility in a yoga practice can invite over-exploitation of their natural mobility and actually lead to chronic pain and/or a greater risk of injury. The “double-jointedness” is more of a curse than a blessing, as people born with the ability to go beyond their joints’ range have to be super careful not to push their body’s limits. Some studies also indicate a strong connection between hypermobility and anxiety disorders.

These yogis need a practice that emphasizes *strength,* motor control, and not going all the way into their depths…thereby helping them find freedom while being contained within *safe boundaries.* They also need ways to safely release myofascial pain and tension and calm an over-activated nervous system.⁠ 

⁠When practiced wisely, yoga can be an excellent modality for super bendy people.  Come and learn how to keep yourself and/or your hypermobile students safe in yoga, avoid injury, and cultivate more strength and stability on the mat as well as off. In this workshop we will talk about proper alignment, being conscious of being “locked out in joints,” and how to shift our focus from flexibility to strength in order to avoid going beyond our body’s range. Expect  insights from a variety of integrative lenses including Katonah yoga, Chinese medicine, strength training, and functional movement.