Teaching yoga can be hard. You finish your 200 hour training and the next thing you know you are standing in front of your very first students. Not only does teaching feel like an extended stand up speaking engagement but you are never quite sure how the class is being received and you wish that you had a better set of tools to deal with the situation. Honestly, there is no better teacher than experience but until then yoga[lab] birmingham is an experiment in bridging that gap.

Hi, my name is Pilar Taylor and I teach yoga, a lot. I am pretty passionate about teaching and I want to share as much as I can with the yoga teaching community. I decided to start yoga[lab] birmingham as a way for local teachers to find resources to help them be inspired and be inspirational teachers. This experiment is constantly evolving and I am looking for ways to create opportunities that are beneficial to yoga teachers whether they are new to the process or experienced teachers looking for ways to share their knowledge.

You can reach me with any suggestions using the contact form.